Expo’s light lit up in 1999 by the bright spark with technical mind of DaNang in a tiny workshop of 40m².

Mr.David worked very hard to manufacture new machines, to ease production and raise the quality since his early ages and the coffee roaster he developed attracted great attention back then.

In those days, he made the first cracked wheat mill of Vietnam with his advanced foresight.

In 2000 s, the members of the second generation were all either technically educated or took active part in production.

In 2010s, the new generation started to work in the research departments of some universities and institutions.

In those days, Expo products caught the attention of Vietnam and Expo brand entered into international market.

Expo products were started to be exported to Romania, USA, Canada and Italy in 1995, consecutively due to the continuous development of technical quality and safety standards.

Thereafter, Expo achieved to shorten the roasting period down to 9 minutes and started to co-operate with TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey) in 1997, for the first time in the sector.

Following the second TÜBİTAK project, Expo co-operated intensively with universities and research institutions and developed numerous licences.

With the third generation of the family, educated in mechanics, automation, international marketing and business development, Expo, today, manufactures the world’s leading coffee processors.

Expo is one of the 8 key brands of the Global Roasters Industry according to various independent industrial and sectoral analysis reports of 2015.

The light that Mr. David lit in 2009 is shining in 146 countries today.